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Theatre Networks and Links

Below are some links to networks and useful offerings from Australia and around the world.  If you have others for us to display, send them to us by clicking 

This list is by no means comprehensive.  A lot of hard work goes into community focussed theatre work.  Let's link together, recognise and share!

The Association of Community Theatre

This is a network covering Theatre in NSW, ACT. They have an association with an insurer that specialises in Public Liability for community theatres.

Gold Coast Theatre Alliance

The Gold Coast Theatre Alliance Inc promotes, engages and supports the diverse Regional Live performing Arts Community on the Gold Coast Queensland and Northern NSW

The Independent Theatre Association of W.A. Inc.

The Independent Theatre Association WA (Inc.) is the state network for community theatre presenters and people involved in regional and metropolitan community theatre. We support and promote our membership and actively participate in the development of community theatre throughout WA.

Adelaide & South Australian Theatre Community

A community for both Participants & Patrons of Local Theatre. A place to post your Bio or share your Photos, Audition Notices, Reviews & Memories (or maybe even some gossip or a funny story or two) from plays past & present.

The Victorian Drama League

The VDL’s mission is to support community theatre in Victoria and act as a hub for bringing like-minded theatre people together. It was established in 1952 and currently has over 400 members who all share a common love of theatre and includes individuals, theatre companies, schools and play reading groups. While the majority of its members are from Victoria, it has a growing membership base in all states and territories across Australia.

Theatre Network Darwin

…a special voice and perspective to our theatre making and storytelling in Darwin. The Network supports the sharing of these extraordinary stories on local and national stages. It comprises of people who make, produce and present live theatre as individuals and/or organisations.
This group links with existing national theatre networks and the broader performing arts industry; and acts as an information conduit between the local sector and the wider national performing arts industry.
The Network is designed for members to generate ideas, foster creative and professional development opportunities, support each other, and advocate and grow the sector.

Musical Drama League of Victoria

The Music Theatre Guild of Victoria Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation for the ongoing support, encouragement and development of non-professional music theatre in the state of Victoria, Australia. Our state has a very strong non-professional music theatre tradition and for many years, a large number of groups have staged a wide range of productions of high standard, but in recent times steeply rising costs and a more complex legislative environment have made running non-professional theatre companies and producing musicals more difficult. This lead to the formation of the Music Theatre Guild of Victoria Inc.

Stage Whispers

Stage Whispers is an online newsletter from Australia about things happening in the community theatre scene.


If you are trying to figure out who owns the rights to a play you want to do, Doollee lists information on over 100,000 Modern Plays.

The Kennedy Centre

Tip Sheets and One Pagers - The Kennedy Centre is the USA’s national theatre and their accessibility department has been gathering and sharing resources on their website. Following their links down from there can take you to a range of resources involving theatre and access for people with disabilities. They started developing tip sheets based not only on what people were asking them but on what they were asking each other and sharing collective knowledge.

American Association of Community Theatre

American Association of Community Theatre is the US-based network. They have a lot of resources at their website to explore. For example the page on this link shows a list of types of roles in running theatre.

Siminovitch Forums into Innovations in Theatre

Canada-based. Some wonderful discussions on various topics related to theatre. Available on YouTube. The link here lists a range of their online video discussions with some highly talented theatre people.

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