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This project was supported by The Winston Churchill Trust’s Impact Fund, supporting Churchill Fellows to achieve impact in Australia following their Fellowship travels. Read more about the Churchill Trust and other Fellowship stories via the website:  

For nearly 60 years, The Winston Churchill Trust has flown talented Australians around the globe to pursue their passion and bring their knowledge home. Churchill Fellows are people from all walks of life and all sectors; the arts, science, health, agriculture, and beyond. The breadth of topics for Churchill Fellowships are limitless. To learn more about the Churchill Trust and our Fellows’ projects please visit our website.

The Blakeney Millar Foundation is a private, philanthropic and discretionary trust which operates under terms laid down by its generous benefactor Mrs Lillian Maude Blakeney Millar.  Established in 1984, the Foundation funds innovative projects in the fields of community service, education, health and beautification of Tumut and its environs.  Michael McSweeney's Churchill Fellowship that underpins the information this website was a Named Fellowship funded by the The Blakeney Millar Foundation.  To view their website view here:


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